Optics Mounting Plate CZ S2C-HE507K X2


The Stay-tech optics mounting plate allows you to mount the HOLOSUN HE507K X2/ HE407K X2 on the CZ Shadow 2 or CZ Shadow 2 Compact. The installation works on the principle of plug and play, which means that the plate does not need to be modified for use.

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The Stay tech optic mounting plate is designed to blend perfectly with the gun without sharp edges.

High-quality aluminum and black anodizing give you a product that perfectly combines HOLOSUN HE507K X2 or HE407K X2 with your CZ Shadow 2 CZ or Shadow 2 Compact. Plug-and-play installation does not require any additional rework of the mounting plate and is designed especially for HOLOSUN HE507K X2 and all red dots with the same footprint.

Short Installation procedure:
Remove the original plate with sights that cover cut out for optics.Place the new mounting plate on the optics cut out and screw it with removed screws (T10 Torx bit). Align the red dot on the optics plate with two pins on top. Use screws from the optics package and firmly screw them to the plate. The usage of a torque screwdriver is necessary to prevent damage to threads.

Download detailed installation instructions from Stay-tech website.

Compatible with:
CZ Shadow 2, CZ Shadow 2 Compact, HOLOSUN HE507K X2 (RMR footprint), HOLOSUN HE407K X2 (RMR footprint)

Package contains:

  • Optics Mounting Plate 1 pcs

Before using, read the installation instructions and safety rules that can be downloaded from the Stay-tech website. Ensure that the firearm is unloaded all the time during installation. With usage of products made by the company Stay-tech all users agree with terms and conditions, confirm that all safety precautions will be respected, and use the products at their own risk.

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