Slide stop StayBRAVE22

Slide stop dedicated to left hand users with place for thumb to ensure better recoil control.


Shape of the slide stop is designed to ensure enough grip for fast release .


Installation is intuitive and can be done without special tools and firearm modification.


Used material is high-strength carbon steel that ensure a long lifetime.

Slide stop StayBRAVE22 L

Slide Stop for CZ-s and KMR-s, intended for left-handed users with a place for the thumb to ensure better recoil control.

Price: 69,99€

Slide stop StayBRAVE22 L SLIM

Slide Stop for CZ -s and KMR-s intended for left-handed users in slim version.


Slide stop StayBRAVE22 R

Slide Stop for CZ-s and KMR-s.

Price: 65,99€

Optics Mounting Plate CZ S2C-HE507K X2

The Stay-tech optics mounting plate allows you to mount the HOLOSUN HE507K X2/ HE407K X2 on the CZ Shadow 2 or CZ Shadow 2 Compact.


Pistol Grips StayHEX22

Pistol Grips StayHEX22 for CZ-s and KMR-s with an innovative design of weights, elegant hexagonal pattern for firm grip and ergonomic shape that fits to the hand perfectly.

CZ Shadow 2, CZ Shadow 1, CZ Tactical Sports, CZ TS2, Any full-size 75/85
CZ Shadow 2 Compact
KMR Spectra
KMR Umbra

Price: 79,90€

Mag Release StayHEX22

Mag Release StayHEX22 for CZ Shadow 2 with an elegant hexagonal pattern and special geometry that ensures the right traction.

Price: 14,99€

Mag Release StayHEX23 C

Mag Release StayHEX23 Compact for CZ  Shadow 2 Compact with an elegant hexagonal pattern and special geometry that ensures the right traction.

Price: 14,99€

Mag Base Pad StayHEX22

Mag Base Pad StayHEX22 for CZ Shadow 2 with a hexagonal pattern completes the product collection and pairs beautifully with the StayHEX22 grips.

Price: 29,99€

Stay-tech cap

Stay-tech cap for outdoor activities and for everyday use.

Price: 10,49€

Stay-tech CZ Shadow 2 BUNDLE

A pack of Stay-tech products for the CZ Shadow 2.

Price: 125,00€

About Us

Stay-tech is a young team of driven shooters who, along with shooting, combine their love of technology and solving challenges. We try to look for these challenges in the shooting experience, which we also want to upgrade and improve, either from an aesthetic point of view, usability and ergonomics.
The goal of the company is to provide our customers with high-quality products, support related to them, and at the same time the development of new products. Product development will be based on actual needs and ideas from shooters around the world that can be forwarded to us. Every idea counts and we are ready to develop and implement it. You can share your ideas and thoughts with us via email:

Let using our products bring you better shooting results and more fun.

Stay brave, stay safe.
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