Pistol Grips StayHEX22


Pistol Grips StayHEX22 for CZ-s and KMR-s with an innovative design of weights, elegant hexagonal pattern for firm grip and ergonomic shape that fits to the hand perfectly.

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The innovative design of Pistol Grips StayHEX22 combines classiness of aluminum and extra weight in the shape of inserted steel plates.
Aluminum-made Pistol Grips StayHEX22 are one of the first grips in the world that have steel plates installed on inner side that add some weight. Three steel weights are installed on each side of the grip plate and can be removed to achieve the desired weight (grips + weights = max. 100 g).
The grip pattern is a collection of hexagons with different heights that ensure ergonomic shape and form a perfect fit with the hand.
The used material is high-grade aluminum that is precisely machined and anodized into one of the attractive colors.
Installation is intuitive and can be done without special tools and firearm modification. However, if you have doubts about installation, contact one of the professional gunsmiths.

Short Installation procedure:
Remove the original pistol grips from the firearm and exchange them with Pistol Grip StayHEX23. For fixation of each plate, use the screws from the packaging or the original ones. Installation requires a T10 Torx bit that is not included. Use a high-quality bit to ensure you do not damage the screws.

Download detailed installation instructions from Stay-tech website.

Compatible with:
CZ Shadow 2, CZ Shadow 1, CZ Tactical Sports, CZ TS2, Any full-size 75/85
CZ Shadow 2 Compact
KMR Spectra
KMR Umbra

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Package contains:

  • Left plate Pistol Grips StayHEX22 1 pcs
  • Right plate Pistol Grips StayHEX22 1 pcs
  • Weights for grips 6 pcs / 4pcs (each approx. 10g) (depend from model)
  • Double sided tape sticker 9 pcs / 6 pcs (depend from model)

Before using, read the installation instructions and safety rules that can be downloaded from the Stay-tech website. Ensure that the firearm is unloaded all the time during installation. With usage of products made by the company Stay-tech all users agree with terms and conditions, confirm that all safety precautions will be respected, and use the products at their own risk.

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