Slide Stop StayBRAVE22 L


Slide Stop for CZ Shadow 2 and CZ Shadow 2 Compact, intended for left-handed users with a place for the thumb to ensure better recoil control.

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Slide Stop StayBRAVE 22 L is one of the first slide stops in the world for CZ Shadow 2 and CZ Shadow 2 Compact that is intended for left-handed users. The design of the slide stop ensures enough grip for fast release and enough space for the thumb to minimize recoil.
It can still be used with the right hand due to the grip surface which is reduced, so that it is not too noticeable for left-handed users.
Used material is high-strength carbon steel that lasts a lifetime.
Installation is intuitive and can be done without special tools and firearm modification.
Fits in IPSC Standard Box with OEM Safety.

Short Installation procedure:
Remove the original slide stop from the firearm. Install the left part of the slide stop according to the procedure as for the original slide stop. Place the right part of the slide stop on the other side and fix it with a screw. Maximum tightening torque should not exceed 1,2 Nm. To secure the screw, use a medium-strength threadlocker (e.g., Loctite 243).

Download detailed installation instructions from Stay-tech website.

Compatible with:
CZ Shadow 2, CZ Shadow 2 Compact

Package contains:

  • Left part Slide Stop StayBRAVE22 L 1 pcs
  • Right part Slide Stop StayBRAVE22 L 1 pcs
  • Fixation screw 2 pcs

Before using, read the installation instructions and safety rules that can be downloaded from the Stay-tech website. Ensure that the firearm is unloaded all the time during installation. With usage of products made by the company Stay-tech all users agree with terms and conditions, confirm that all safety precautions will be respected, and use the products at their own risk.

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